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it is kinD oF you

你(干什么事)真是太好了。这个句子后面经常跟to do. 比如 it is very kind of you to do me a favor. 你能给我帮助实在太好了。

用for 是错的 kind 是表示人的品质特点的形容词, 此时用of . ----------------------------------- 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

it's very kind of you和it's very kind for you的区别 一般讲It's very kind of you, 意思是: 你(人)真好 或是It's very kind for your action(行动) 意思是: 你(行为)真好 很少见It's very kind for you的说法。

it is so kind of you. 你真是太好了,太谢谢你了。

你真好,相当于 谢谢


比如it is kind of you 指的是,你很好,比如你帮了别人的忙,那么她可以这么说,意思是,你人真是太好了。而it is kind for you指的是,对你很好,比如说某样东西对你有好处,但是多数可能会用good或nice

it is kind of you 如果这个形容词是可以用来描写人的品质的,像nice,kind,clever,polite之类,那么用of,不用for 其他像important,difficult,necessary之类用for

It's-very-kind-of-you. 真太 双语例句 依. "It's" (with an apostrophe) should be used only as a contraction for "it is". it's(带撇号)能用作itis缩约形式 贰. In " It's a bloody miracle! ", " bloody " is used as an intensive word....

如果可以把介词后的人作为主语,形容词看做这个主语的表语,就用of。 如果不能这样转换,那就用for,意思是:对。。。来说。 例如:It's very nice of you=You are very nice 你真好 It's very nice for you 对你来说不错。 很高兴为你解答! 老...


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