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Certain of customer's demand

can know the demands of customers

the customer's requirements the requirements of the customer required by the customer

finish the (task/project/work/assignment) according to the customer's requirement/specification

as per clients' requirements

都不是 应该用request

“接机”等同于把人接回来,所以英文通常讲pickup at the airport. “送机”如果是朋友,就用see off,但是你们是做生意的,通常只做到送到机场就完事,所以要用send to the airport就够了,多了就太过造作了。 The hotel will make arrangements to...

I don't know what specific requirements our customer has. I don't know the specific requerments of our customer. I don't know也可以用I have no idea代替...

Notwithstanding the quantity of containers, only one set bill of lading should be issued for the cargos shipped in same vessel and same voyage.

人在职场,面试就跟家常便饭一样,是一件极其普通的事情。怎么让面试官对你“一见倾心”,愿意让你即刻上岗呢?怎样才能提高面试和上岗的几率呢?根据我亲身经历以及通过对其它公司HR的调查,我了解到了关于面试更深层次的一些内容。 第一:面试,...


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