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can know the demands of customers

Certain of customer's demand

I don't know what specific requirements our customer has. I don't know the specific requerments of our customer. I don't know也可以用I have no idea代替...

finish the (task/project/work/assignment) according to the customer's requirement/specification

需求时间 [词典] [电子] required time; [例句]目的拟合医疗服务需求时间序列资料的预测模型。 Objective To fit the prediction model that suit to the time series data of the medical service demand.

提出要求requestWe' ll visit___the _ __ Museum___ __of___ ___Art__(美术博物馆)tomorrow。They __are__ ___dressing_ themselves ___up___(正在化妆)to attend the costume party.

as per clients' requirements

Please play table asked the taxi driver。 英语属于印欧语系中日耳曼语族下的西日耳曼语支,由古代从欧洲大陆移民大不列颠岛的盎格鲁、撒克逊和朱特部落的日耳曼人所说的语言演变而来,并通过英国的殖民活动传播到世界各地。根据以英语作为母...

你好! 业务需求 The business requirements



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